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Who We Are

The responsibility of Campus Safety is frequently an ancillary duty to an administrator or administrators who have very little, or even no subject matter expertise. As a result, safety plans, training, and audits are significantly compromised. Let our experts become your experts. 

Eric Rosoff - Executive Manager. Eric spent 31 years in law enforcement, including serving as a School Resource Officer and a member of California's School Law Enforcement Partnership. Since 1997, Eric has provided training to hundreds of educators regarding comprehensive safe school planning.

Soraya Sutherlin - Emergency Management.  Soraya is a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). She has over 10 years experience in public health, local municipal government emergency response and communications, and school training and planning. 

Tom Steele – Senior Trainer/Planner. Tom's resume includes serving as a police sergeant/SWAT Team Leader, a Consultant II for the Division of Student Services at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and as the Director of Student Services in two school districts. He is an expert in campus safety planning/response.

Brian Cummings Disaster Prep/Response Project Manager. Brian enjoyed a 34-year career with the Los Angeles Fire Department.  As the Fire Chief in a 470-square mile city with 4 million residents, he provided leadership, management and direction for a 3800-employee fire department. 

Sally Chew Parent/School Site Liaison. As a parent, Sally has held almost every position and chaired almost every committee from PTA President to School Site Council member. She is CSG's advocate for stake holder involvement in safety planning/training.

Steve Swaney - Search & Rescue. Steve is a 31-year fire service professional. He has been a member of the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team for 23 years. Steve was part of San Diego County’s USAR response to both the World Trade Center and Katrina.   

Ed Sprague – Incident Command. Ed served for over 30 years with San Diego County Fire agencies and recently retired as the Deputy Chief of North County Fire & Rescue. Ed has an extensive training/teaching background and is an expert in all facets of SEMS based incident command. 

Tom Crawford – First Aid. Tom served as a rescue paramedic for nearly his entire 33-year firefighter career with the Inglewood and Burbank Fire Departments. Tom has rendered first aid to countless victims under both “routine” and extraordinary circumstances. 

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