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Perspective vs Paralysis

As we’ve discussed in here before, student safety can be a paralyzing topic, specifically in the shadow of horrific campus events. Still, it is essential that we honestly address student safety in a perspective based manner in order to have a positive impact.

If you have been following the Campus Safety Group, you know we advocate institutional accountability by asking parents and students to insist and verify that our schools are actually meeting/following safety related requirements.

We also advocate personal accountability. Safety is a balance of preparation and awareness. There are simple steps parents and students can take to avoid, or at least minimize the impact of criminal behavior on or near campus.

Whether it’s a “small” as a stolen back-pack or as tragic as a school shooting, simply hoping for the best and counting on the institution to be adequately prepared is a significant mistake. If student safety is important to you then you must commit to taking an active role in the process.

Please take a look at the Campus Safety Plans on our website as the first step in your perspective based response to school safety!

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