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"We've Got This?"

Over the last several years I have had the chance to visit with School Board members, superintendents, principals, and school administrators who have confidently said words to the effect of "we've got this" when asked about school safety.

When I hear "we've got this," I always what that actually means. The answer is almost always "we're working with local law enforcement," or "we have a parent who is a police officer/firefighter."

There are over 100K police officers and firefighters in California and I believe it is safe to say almost none of them are experts in compliance with California Safe School plan mandates. This is not to say that safety experts from various backgrounds don't have value to the overall effort, it's simply acknowledging that campus safety is its own unique field, requiring specific expertise.

Here in California, the foundation of campus safety rests in compliance with state law requiring comprehensive safe school plans. Regardless of how closely your school is working with law enforcement, the odds are your school is not in compliance with the law.

Please let us know if you would like a CSG expert to assess your school's compliance with state mandates regarding campus safety.

Be safe, E

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