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Safety Plans

Last week I was talking to a friend who is involved in his school’s campus safety committee. His district has partnered with the Campus Safety Group to get back into compliance with California’s Comprehensive Safe School Plan law, and he had just looked at the compliance tools.

“Listen” he said, “I have no time for visitor badges and dress codes! Our focus has to be on active shooters and lock-downs!”

My friend, like many others, are so absorbed by, “active shooters” that they can’t see that campus safety goes beyond dynamic situations or how maintaining and enforcing campus visitor policies and dress codes can actually reduce the chances of these events.

This is not to say active shooter and lock down policies/drills are not important, they are. I am simply pointing out that campus safety involves several overlapping factors, and discounting any one will adversely impact the others.

There are three basic components of comprehensive safe school plans.

1. Adopt safety related policies and procedures

Campus safety is not a guessing game! Required and recommended safety policies and best practices already exist. The governing body must adopt and maintain these policies and practices.

2. Annual safety assessments

Safety policies and practices are meaningless if not followed on campus. Safety planning must include honest assessments designed to reveal and respond to gaps between the expectations written in policy, and the application of those policies on campus.

3. Independent audits

It is essential that the entire process be reviewed by independent subject matter experts.

The Campus Safety Group is immediately available to partner with your school/school district and help you establish a sustainable comprehensive safe school planning process. Please contact us if you would like a free safe school plan law compliance review.

Be safe,

Eric Rosoff

Executive Manager – Campus Safety Group

855-537-7527 x101

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